Youth Success


GOAL:  Youth have access to mentors, role models, and enrichments outside of the school day in a safe environment which enhances: personal growth, character development and academic achievement.


We have a 5th grade club member that has been with the Boys & Girls Club for many years, he has struggled staying focus and struggled using his words. This member has a horrific background of violence and drug abuse. Because mother is not in his life, his behavior and staying on track has been a big struggle. Youth has been placed with grandmother who has been a strong support system. After many arrangements with grandmother and creating a plan to better this member. We came up with a policy just for him that states the R’s (Respect yourself, Respect the club, and Respect others.) we defined each word and added in other polices that were beneficial to him. This member has come a long way this year and has progressed with using his words and being more involved at the club. He has been great at participating in all the programming that the Boys & Girls Club has to offer. I have seen how we have provided such a safe space for him, where he can come to staff for any questions or concerns.


Youth Success Graphic


  • 90 area teens attended the Teen Job Fair in 2022 where over 20 employers were on hand to offer employment opportunites
  • 242 activities were completed in the Youth Success and Early Years Coalitions Cabin Fever Challenge in February 2022
  • 757 children received before, after or summer school enrichments through partner programs in 2021

Source:  Youth Success Coalition, Women United, United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties


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