Supportive Community Health Services

GOAL:  Improving quality of life for a specific population with an identified need.


First off I want to say that I was extremely ecstatic when I found out that the YMCA was coming to this community. After an easy and friendly enrollment I started to take full advantage of all the services that the YMCA provides. I can say that the YMCA and it’s income based arrangement plans have been the only reason why I have been able to pursue my health goals. Unfortunately, I was laid off from employment and I thought I was going to have to put my health and fitness goals on hold for financial reasons, which would’ve resulted in lack of motivation and discouragement, but fortunately has continued because of the YMCA’s income based adjustments. As a single mother being able to have my children on a plan at a reduced wage is essential for my busy schedule and tight budget. I’m also grateful for the child care program as it is also essential for my weekly attendance. The YMCA exceeds the moral standards of any other establishment in this small community that I know. The staff is always friendly, helpful, and well trained in each individual department. In my opinion, the area is welcoming, clean, and appropriate for all ages and stages of it’s consumers. My children enjoy the staff and I have profited from the afternoon classes the most. I have lost 7lbs, lost several inches, and produced muscle definition since I started attending. I’m also pleased to experience such diversity and spirituality at the YMCA. I have learned of the Bible Study being held at our YMCA, I’m both excited and proud to be a member of an establishment that not only offers physical well being but spiritual as well. This grants the YMCA an excellence award of the year in my book and I support this type of diversity and freedom of choice. Thank you YMCA for working with me on the unexpected ups and downs of life and helping me advance towards my health, fitness, and spiritual goals.


  • 1,760 community members received access to programs and services to improve physical fitness and wellbeing in 2021
  • Since 2008, south Wood and Adams Counties residents have saved $658,537 on prescription costs using SingleCare Prescription Drug Discount Card
  • 11,585 Help Guides were distributed in south Wood and Adams Counties in 2021

Source:, United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties, UWSWAC’s Volunteer Center


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